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Practical and affordable ways to get your little one involved this Father's Day!

By Deborah888 · June 13, 2010 · 0 Comments ·
 Father’s Day is clearly a wonderful opportunity to express to your significant other your appreciation, but let’s face it: it’s the early years of your pumpkin’s life, they don’t know Father’s Day from Chinese New Year. Eventually, your sweetheart will be sporting crafts home in their backpack and forming their own “I love you Daddy!” scribbles on construction paper. But for now, it’s all you sister. Still, there are a few sneaky tactics to keep your little one involved.
1). Bake a Father’s Day cake (or cupcakes). Snatch up some glitz in the baking aisle to frou-frou it up. You can write out your own “Happy Father’s Day Daddy!” with a tube of blue frosting. If your little one is old enough to enjoy a song and a good clap, grab the opening to sing “Happy Father’s Day to you” in the tune of “Happy Birthday” and you will have your munchkin involved in no time. Not to mention, they’ll love a couple bites of that cake!
2). Have them “make” Daddy a card. Washable finger-paint, markers, and crayons are wonderful for this kind of occasion. If your little one is a bit too young to be introduced to the world of finger-painting artistry, you can make “baby’s signature” handprints by using washable finger-paint on a piece of construction paper.
3). Use photos! Take the adorable stash of photos you undoubtedly have of your little one and Daddy to form a photo album or a collage.
4). Acquire a theme. What man doesn’t have a favorite sport, sports team, band, instrument, tool, TV show, game, or vacation destination? Take a trip to A.C. Moore or Michael’s, pick up some themed stickers and make a photo collage on a Starbuck’s Create Your Own Tumbler! You can find them at any Starbucks, and even download additional Tumbler templates online if you’d like a helping hand.
5). Finish your theme with trinkets to match: a sports hat, jersey, T-shirt, game tickets, CD, concert tickets, DVD, key-chain, a new game, a book- whatever is in your budget, add some flair to that themed gift
 Top it off!
Little things to top off your Father's Day projects!


  • Inscribe your own letter or poem of gratitude to your adored man inside that card “baby made.”


  • To go with your tumbler, attach a gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, a pound of his favorite coffee or a box of his favorite tea.


  •  Balloons! Balloons are a wonderful, affordable elaboration for any event. Get them at your local Dollar Store!


  • Just make it his day. Men like to be spoiled, too! Once the day is through, guarantee him a well-deserved massage and a free manly movie pick. If you make the day his, there’s no going wrong.


Most of all, have a Happy Father's Day!

By Deborah888 · May 14, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Springing into season with simple park activities

By Deborah888 · March 12, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

The days of running out to the store just to keep the little one from coming down with indoor fever are coming to a close. The beautiful, opportune days of spring are here and the benefits of outdoor play are not limited to your little pumpkin, there are ample ways for you to seize the day as well!

Breaking into spring and finding the great outdoors interesting shouldn’t be too difficult a task, but there are lots of fun and easy ways to get baby into their surroundings, physically and mentally. Try a game of finding spring’s first blossoms in an outdoor “I Spy.” Spotting the fluffy pink blossoms on a tree, even some wildflowers in the grass- point them out together and name the colors of each found spring pretty. Make a contest of it; if your little one can name the color of an object it wins him a water ice or a Popsicle after working up an appetite in the great outdoors. (These warm weather treats have lots of sugar free options, which make the frozen snacks post outdoor workout guilt-free!)

Easy ways for mom to get her workout in is power walking/jogging while pushing baby and stroller along from one location to the next. If you’re looking for an extra boost in the workout, odds are your pumpkin will become quite pooped and enjoy being pushed in the stroller with her bottle or sippy. You may find your little one kicking with excitement or shouting, “faster, faster!” and you have yourself an instant personal trainer! The benefits of outdoor appreciation are endless, not to mention, it’s no myth that fresh air tuckers baby out and works up an appetite! So after your day out, go home, have a snack, and take a well-earned snoozer.

Find a park near you:

http://www.philaparks.org/ (Pennsylvania)

http://www.state.nj.us/dep/parksandforests/ (New Jersey)

Need-to-know Swimwear Tips for the Hot Momma!

By Deborah888 · February 18, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Spring is approaching, and now is the time to celebrate your voluptuous bod! Rather than stressing about the fact that you’re just not quite as tiny as you once were, consider it a blessing and flaunt your curvy physique with pride. With some new flare in all the right places, you may find yourself wanting to hit the stores for a more up-to-date swimsuit. If you’re unsure of what to get and where to go for something flattering and figure-supportive, here are a few tips to get you started.

  • If you are top-heavy, go for a halter top for extra support, lose the strapless. This could make for some interesting swimming mishaps. The halter also provides some flattering cleavage!
  • For an hourglass figure, embrace the sexy one-piece! Sometimes a one-piece with side cutouts can make you appear even more voluptuous.
  • If you have a pear shaped body, go for a tankini with a colorful or patterned bust, and a darker bottom piece. This will attract attention upward.
  • For short legs, go for something with a high cut bottom, this will make your legs appear longer.
  • Try to stay away from shorts unless you are on the tall and lanky side. While they can look admittedly adorable on the hanger, they often make a body appear short and choppy unless you have the natural length to compensate.
  • If you really have a problem with your legs, some wispy, opaque skirts can make you comfortable and really compliment a bodacious booty.
  • If you’re trying to downplay a backside, the high cut bottoms on any two-piece or one-piece suit will draw more attention to the legs and the hips.
  • Feminine, translucent wraps are a good idea if you’re not too comfortable in your new skin or if you’re not feeling ready for all that sun exposure.


Check out Magicsuits via Victoria’s Secret. Some select few go up to as much as size 18 and will be great for supporting your pleasantly curvaceous figure.

For plus size women, check out some of Lane Bryant’s swimwear collections  Lane Bryant also supplies tabs of their sister stores Fashion Bug, Catherine’s, and Cacique for some wider and cheaper selections. 

Torrid also supplies some options for a younger, edgier sense of style.

Most importantly: be comfortable, embrace your body. Your feminine curves are beautiful and something to be celebrated. So fall in love with a suit, have fun, and delight in your present self!

*Photo via Lane Bryant Swimwear

Five Best Ways to Make Naptime Revitalizing!

By Deborah888 · February 5, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Nap time is of course the time when mom gives a kiss, tucks the little one under the blankets, shuts the door, and turns to do a silent yet jovial happy-dance. Baby is down for the count and the possibilities of what you can do seem endless. Piece of advice: try to dismiss those visions of establishing world peace and climbing Mt. Everest during your indefinite free time; simply make this time a time for you to regroup.

It’s likely not a mystery to you that naptime is a time of opportunity, but are you truly utilizing it in the best way possible? Here are some ways to be sure that you aren’t even more fried after baby’s naptime than you were while he was awake.

Rule: Don’t clean. Many mothers make the mistake of using naptime to do work. This leaves you exhausted afterward with even less liveliness to run on in your patience bank for the rest of the day! Baby doesn’t need your undivided attention 24/7. In fact, this will make for a child who needs you around constantly and cannot entertain themselves with their own play and imagination. Baby will also get used to the idea that mom only cleans when they’re not around. When the days of less naptime arrive, you will be stuck up a creek without a Swiffer Duster. When you need to clean, baby will be fine playing with stimulating toys in the pack-n-play.

Baby isn’t the only one who needs to recharge. YOU, mom, need this time to nurture yourself so you can be a healthier, happier mom for your child. Wearing yourself out during your only time to yourself will leave you short and cranky for the rest of the day, something both you and baby do not need!

Here are some top ways to spend naptime to rejuvenate your spirit.

1). Take a hot bubble bath. Spoil yourself. Act as if you are setting up for a spa client of your own. Turn on your favorite relaxing music, light candles, and soak for as long as you wish. In addition to feeling luxuriously indulged, it’s a medical fact that the warm water will relax your muscles and having a fresh, clean feeling is mentally revitalizing.

2). Do your nails. All moms know that painting nails and toenails is hard to come by when you’re running around and picking up baby. Turn on something girly instead of Sesame Street while giving yourself a manipedi. You’ll have an extra bounce in your step for the rest of the day while you admire your sparkling tootsies.

3). Read a book. If reading isn’t your thing, dive into your favorite magazine. Reading gives your mind a full mental break from concerns and worries surrounding you, focusing on the story or fashion tips at hand. Stimulating those brain cells with something other than baby talk will give you a sense of your own adulthood for the day.

4). Get artsy. If you’re a crafty or artistic one, work on that project you haven’t been getting to lately. Scrap-booking, sketching, painting, knitting; whatever it is that floats your boat. Accomplishing individual artistry is a real confidence booster and a way to give you a sense of self-achievement. If you need some ideas, visit http://www.artsncrafts-ideas.com/ .

Some great places to purchase low-priced craft and art supplies are your local fabric stores, A.C. Moore, Michael’s, and sometimes your nearest Dollar Tree. (A great way to get stimulated with your own ideas is to go to the store see what kind of project supplies catch your eye).

5). Workout. Do your favorite exercise routine. Whether it’s fast paced cardio or relaxing yoga, getting your blood flowing and accelerating those endorphins will give you a cheery disposition, more energy, clear your mind, not to mention keep that bod fit and healthy.

Finally, take a nap of your own. It won’t necessarily give you a sense of achievement, but it will revitalize you for the evening. On days that you’re feeling particularly unmotivated and behind on your Z’s, use those days to take a snoozer of your own.

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Who's your celebrity mom lookalike?

By Deborah888 · February 3, 2010 · 0 Comments ·
Hey Mamma, Facebooking lately? This week is celebrity look-a-like week! Insert a photo of your celeb twin as your profile pic and find out what giggles you get from your FB friends! What fab celeb mom is your celebrity look-a-like?