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Practical and affordable ways to get your little one involved this Father's Day!

By Deborah888 · June 13, 2010 · 0 Comments ·
 Father’s Day is clearly a wonderful opportunity to express to your significant other your appreciation, but let’s face it: it’s the early years of your pumpkin’s life, they don’t know Father’s Day from Chinese New Year. Eventually, your sweetheart will be sporting crafts home in their backpack and forming their own “I love you Daddy!” scribbles on construction paper. But for now, it’s all you sister. Still, there are a few sneaky tactics to keep your little one involved.
1). Bake a Father’s Day cake (or cupcakes). Snatch up some glitz in the baking aisle to frou-frou it up. You can write out your own “Happy Father’s Day Daddy!” with a tube of blue frosting. If your little one is old enough to enjoy a song and a good clap, grab the opening to sing “Happy Father’s Day to you” in the tune of “Happy Birthday” and you will have your munchkin involved in no time. Not to mention, they’ll love a couple bites of that cake!
2). Have them “make” Daddy a card. Washable finger-paint, markers, and crayons are wonderful for this kind of occasion. If your little one is a bit too young to be introduced to the world of finger-painting artistry, you can make “baby’s signature” handprints by using washable finger-paint on a piece of construction paper.
3). Use photos! Take the adorable stash of photos you undoubtedly have of your little one and Daddy to form a photo album or a collage.
4). Acquire a theme. What man doesn’t have a favorite sport, sports team, band, instrument, tool, TV show, game, or vacation destination? Take a trip to A.C. Moore or Michael’s, pick up some themed stickers and make a photo collage on a Starbuck’s Create Your Own Tumbler! You can find them at any Starbucks, and even download additional Tumbler templates online if you’d like a helping hand.
5). Finish your theme with trinkets to match: a sports hat, jersey, T-shirt, game tickets, CD, concert tickets, DVD, key-chain, a new game, a book- whatever is in your budget, add some flair to that themed gift
 Top it off!
Little things to top off your Father's Day projects!


  • Inscribe your own letter or poem of gratitude to your adored man inside that card “baby made.”


  • To go with your tumbler, attach a gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, a pound of his favorite coffee or a box of his favorite tea.


  •  Balloons! Balloons are a wonderful, affordable elaboration for any event. Get them at your local Dollar Store!


  • Just make it his day. Men like to be spoiled, too! Once the day is through, guarantee him a well-deserved massage and a free manly movie pick. If you make the day his, there’s no going wrong.


Most of all, have a Happy Father's Day!

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